Relationships are at the core of human experience. Creating secure attachments leads to mental, physical and emotional health. Love and Marriage Works is a Northern-California based therapy practice focused on helping couples, individuals and families to create supportive, loving bonds that maximize potential to self develop. We help you gain freedom from addictions, depression, anxiety or any behaviors or feelings that get in the way of your ability to have the kind of secure and loving attachments that are so health promoting through a variety of approaches. Payment options include check or Paypal.


The underlying difficulty that brings most couples and individuals into therapy is a disturbing sense of disconnection. Disconnection to self, to our partner, and to our purpose and passion for life. This can cause couples to feel misunderstood and unsafe to give and receive comfort and support.

We help couples create security and connection with themselves and others, and to learn the skills to repair the ruptures that can happen even in their most loving relationship. We help couples see the defensive reactivity that can further deepen these ruptures. The goal to learn how to effectively and efficiently heal ruptures to witness and change that reflexive impulse to attack and blame each other, to bring out the best in each other and in ourselves, and to return to that “in love” heart-to-heart connection.

We help individuals connect to themselves and clearly identify feelings and needs, thus ending the need to go to excess with addictive substances such as food, alcohol, drugs, inappropriate relationships, people pleasing and merging. We help individuals develop a secure base and learn the skills to efficiently go from pain and stress back into a state of balance.

Ongoing Groups (link to Classes & Groups Page) are available on Emotional Brain Training. This is an efficient and cost effective way to make changes, gain a support group and learn very specific skills to end unhealthy relationships to food, alcohol, spending, or any self destructive behaviors that get in the way of creating the life that you truly know is available.