Wired for Joy / Wired for Freedom Ongoing Groups Based on Cutting-edge Neuroscience

Emotional Brain Training Groups:

Barbara Gabriel leads groups based on cutting edge neuroscience on rewiring the emotional brain. Learning skills and tools which will enable you to radically decrease the drives to excess and feel more of life’s richest rewards. You will learn how to bounce back from stress and pain to a real sense of well being. Learn the two important skills of self-nurturing and limit setting without which we cannot comfort and soothe ourselves from inside and will go outside to soothe and nurture ourselves with excess food, alcohol, working, smoking, people pleasing, merging/distancing, rescuing, or thinking too much.

If you notice behaviors that you do that are not logical but you can’t stop engaging in them, this is the group for you. These behaviors are caused by circuits that are allostatic (unbalanced of a particular sort. They are survival circuits and embedded in them are unstoppable drives. These groups are about breaking these survival circuits.

Groups available in San Francisco and Sausalito. To register and to obtain further information, please email Barbara@LoveandMarriageWorks.com or call 707 228-8793707 228-8793